Mind & Body: Achieving the Balance

by TJ Sadler March 14, 2017

The power of attraction; a notion so broad and complex that a narrow mind cannot really understand it. However, to those whose who appreciate, recognize and exercise this power – it is an inexplicably powerful driving force, a wonderful approach to life bringing you success, happiness and prosperity. The power of (an open) mind is incomprehensible and when in tune with the universe – it directly replicates onto your actions both positively and negatively, depending on the direction you guide your thoughts and the energy into. Every second of every day we are exchanging millions of atoms with the universe, as we are all inseparable parts of an infinite field of intelligence. And – it’s this interconnection of all things, including the mind, the environment and the body – that’s setting all things in motion. A homogenous, functional unity of these things is what we call a bodymind.

Health and balance

We’re healthy when we’re able to process and digest everything we take in; our power lies in our absolute ability to remove factors that are hurtful (i.e. don’t serve us) and embrace nourishing, healthy emotions. This includes everything – from our food, our jobs, our relationships, to our overall life experiences. Only once we’re free of the negativity and stress can we say that our bodymind is aligned with the universe and, ultimately, with the world around.

In contrast, illness “develops when there is a disruption – a blockage in the flow of energy and information in our bodymind. Symptoms and sickness are the body’s signal that we need to restore balance, eliminate whatever is causing the blockages, and reestablish the healthy flow of intelligence”. Essentially, our overall health isn’t led down to a simple equation of the absence or presence of various symptoms and disease; it is the general vitality, wholeness and wellbeing of our body and mind that counts.

A disrupted bodymind

The world we live in imposes a very unhealthy life conditioned with twisted working hours, a lot of time spent indoors (usually, in front of the computer – being irradiated), very little sleep, almost no social interactions, not enough inner tranquility and virtually no time to work on building your inner world.

For this, often not even knowing the core reason why, we tend to feel nervous, disoriented, unhappy and dissatisfied, habitually turning to unhealthy food cravings for consolation (the “mmm” feeling you get when eating your favorite food does mask the issue for a second) and making bad daily choices in our relationships, work relations and at home. When your bodymind is disrupted, everything is disrupted. 

To help yourself restore personal balance, live happily and align yourself with the universe, there are a few steps you can take and make it happen.

Stay with us through the following lines:

Turn to organic living

Apart from the outer influences, unhealthy and toxic lifestyle can be triggered from many different sides. Work on finding the trigger-issue and eliminate it. Starting incorporating things like organic bamboo clothing or skincare products into your everyday living. You will noticed changes and if it’s something that suits your lifestyle, go for it!

Start meditating

Meditating is an amazing way to bring yourself into the state of balance; it won’t happen immediately, but a diligent approach and the understanding of healthy tips and mantras you get from your instructor, you’ll achieve bliss. If you are not a fan of therapy, you can also talk to your yoga instructor, priest or spiritual guide.

Stay active

Keeping your body active will help your cardiovascular system, as well as aid in developing flexibility and strength. Find an aerobic activity that you enjoy and will be able to three to four times each week for twenty to thirty minutes. Once your body is used to training, your physical health will be better and your mind decluttered. Find something you enjoy so you can merge a physical benefit and a loving hobby which is, basically, soul food.

Mind your appearance

Looking good has nothing to do with superficial, society-imposed expectations; a healthy mind produces a healthy body (and appearance) which is exactly where you want to be – happy in your own skin.

Make sure you ingest health (healthy foods), mind your skin (use natural products), rely on natural vitamin c serum for skin wellbeing, spend time outdoors (getting the necessary vitamin D will get you tanned), invest in your appearance by fashioning your personal style, etc. Spoil yourself with the little things and the end result will be amazing.


Peter is a health writer for MyEmpoweredWorld from Brisbane, Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more health and fitness tips.


TJ Sadler
TJ Sadler


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