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by Jenise Kropp March 03, 2017

The time has come to say goodbye to the Winter FitBox! There's only a few more days to get your hands on this box before its gone for good, the last day to order is Monday March 6th. This box has been one of our most exciting FitBox's to date and we're honoured and thrilled to have included such amazing products from some really cool companies including True Life Fitness! Now is your chance to get to know more about this Edmonton based line, from the owner herself! Make sure to check our Instagram contest to win a pair of Britt leggings! And don't forget to get shopping and using your 20% off your next pair, so many cute pairs to choose from!

True life fitness really started as a passion project. I went shopping for a pair of new leggings to a well-known store and came out completely disappointed with the selection and prices. I couldn’t get over that I was going to sweat in something that cost that much. I have always been a fitness fanatic, growing up playing sports through high school and college, entering different running races, bike trips and skiing as much as I could in the winter, so I practically lived in leggings and sweat shirts; but recently it seemed like the fitness industry was making clothing more for running errands on a Saturday instead of my early morning spin class. So, I just thought I attempt to make my own. How hard could it be to make cute, quality fitness apparel that you could still run in and didn’t have to cost a fortune? I think a lot of business started exactly like this, with an idea in their head. Entrepreneurs are great at seeing a gap in the market and building a business to fulfill that need, but I wasn’t an entrepreneur. I wasn’t a clothing designer or an expert in fashion. I had a great full time job in medical sales, I was just completing my MBA and life was busy enough, so it really wasn’t the best time to start a business, but for some reason, I did any way. I started with sending patterns and fabric combinations to my designer, they would make me a sample in my size and I would wear it to a workout class and see how they held up. I remember wearing one of my first pairs to a barre class and one of the other girls at the studio commented on my leggings and asked where she could get them. I thought that was pretty cool but when it started to happen every time I wore a pair, I started to think maybe I’m not the only one who is looking for something different!

As I started making new pieces, I thought it might be unique to name them after inspirational women in my life and share their story on my site. Turns out, everyone else thought it was a pretty awesome idea too. Customers are always asking me about the “real” Blaire that is named after the Blaire leggings and I think it really allows a personal connection between the customer and the brand. I am so lucky to have so many amazing women in my life that I don’t think I will ever run out of names for my products!

When it came to creating a brand, I really wanted to create something that reflected some of my own values and beliefs but that could also resonate with other people. Since playing sports was a huge part of my childhood where I developed long lasting friendships and support that really helped me to gain the confidence and strength I needed growing up, I wanted other young girls to have that experience as well. I decided I would support an organization called Women Win which helps young women get involved in sports and fitness all around the world. We donate $2 from every purchase in a small effort to help create these positive experiences for girls who would not normally get that chance. I think my donations so far have been the best and most rewarding part of my small business.

True Life Fitness will be celebrating their one year anniversary this May and it’s exciting to see how much the business has grown in that time. I’ve been so lucky to have so much support locally as well as around the globe. It always seems surreal when I receive an order from Switzerland or Sydney, Australia because you never think your little brand is going to reach so many people. The best is when I see people wearing my clothing at the gym, I really try to hold in my excitement and not seem like the small business owner I am, but honestly, it’s such a great feeling and although I don’t exactly know what the future will bring for True Life; I do know that it will be constantly changing and full of all kinds of struggles and challenges that you never expected. But, so far it’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

Jessica Clarke, founder of True Life Fitness


Jenise Kropp
Jenise Kropp


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