Can't Get Your Butt To The Gym?

by Karen Broda March 01, 2017

Spring is around the corner but for now it’s still cold and dark out. Are you finding it hard to get to the gym as well? Maybe even a lack of motivation to cook a decent meal…rather than ordering from Skip the Dishes. With winter being so long we can't afford to forgo all of the healthy habits we have in place during the rest of the year. So how can we get our motivation-mojo back?

Well a lack of motivation can stem from a variety of things which means becoming motivated can be equally as tricky. But if we can understand our brain a bit better we can be one step closer to getting motivated to hit the gym today.

And lucky for you I have done the brain research and have a few ways we can manipulate it to help with our fitness goals, hooray!

(N.B. I've dug up this info from the book, Idiot Brain by Dean Burnett and so all citations belong to him unless otherwise noted)

  • It's not just engineers whom like to complete things, our brains do too! Which means leaving things unfinished is a great motivator for your brain and you. So try this, write out or find a workout plan that is planned over a block of time (i.e. 4 weeks) and remind yourself that to move onto another workout plan you must complete this "block". If you quit after 2 weeks your brain will think it's "unfinished" and will want to have it completed.
  • We are more motivated by rewards (material or not) that are set by us rather than a third party. So that "30 Day Challenge" you signed up for may sound like it will get you motivated but if it includes a type of "reward" (i.e. a raffle entry, free swag) you may have better motivation success by setting your own reward instead
  • A very simple theory on motivation proposed by Sigmund Freud in 1111 says (in short) that we avoid doing hard things. Although many advanced theories have come after this, it still can hold true. Have you ever dreaded taking the time to prepare a healthy meal or a hard workout? What if we made it "easy". Whenever you run into this motivation roadblock ask yourself, "what would this look like if it were easy?" Then follow that answer, transform your thinking, and conquer your fitness goals. (But if you’re stuck on that tip, try starting your workout with your favourite exercise….start easy and the difficult will flow after).

AUTHOR BIO: Karen knows getting fit isn't just about the hard work in the kitchen and the gym but also having a bullet-proof mind. Interested in more ways to strengthen your mind (and body)? Check out her site, Strong and Smart (link to: She shares even more valuable bits of info to her Strong and Smart crew (free to sign-up!).

Karen Broda
Karen Broda


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